About us

Hey there! 🖐️

We’re just a bunch of tech enthusiasts, living our everyday lives and also pouring our hearts into this project. Why? To be your friendly guide through the maze of immigration, job searches, moving, and settling down in a new place. We’re not some corporate team; we’re more like your tech-savvy pals, here to make sure your international job adventure feels as easy and exciting as it should be.

Why We do This 🤔

We’re not just about tools and tech. We’re also having some meaningful discussions about the most pressing topics in the tech world:

  • Tech Exodus: The Rise of European Tech Hubs: Find out how tech professionals are changing the game by exploring opportunities in European tech hubs. It’s all about reshaping the tech world in exciting ways.
  • Europe’s Tech Talent Shortage: Let’s talk about the challenges posed by the tech talent shortage in Europe. We’re exploring why it’s happening and brainstorming solutions. It’s a topic that affects all of us in the tech community.

What We Are Trying to Build 💪 

We’re at the very beginning of our adventure, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Here’s a peek into what’s keeping us busy and excited:

  • Custom Trained AI Model for Tech Employee Career Advancement: We’re working on an AI model designed to make your career transitions as smooth as butter.
  • Automated Job Posting: Job hunting can be overwhelming, right? That’s why we’re handpicking job opportunities from the best sources, tailored specifically to match your skills and dreams.
  • Skill Assessment: Discover what you’re truly good at. By understanding your strengths better, we can guide you towards opportunities that align with what you love doing.
  • Optimize Your Resume for Finding a Better Job: We’re building an AI Resume Builder that helps you effortlessly showcase your skills. Your talents, your story, all beautifully presented.

We’re not just throwing information your way – we’re here to empower you. Join us on this adventure. Let’s tackle these challenges together, making your dream of a global tech career a reality! Explore more about these topics here.

Come, join us on this exciting journey. Let’s make your global career dreams come true!